Our Story

The tüb story begins four years ago and 2,200 miles from home . . .

Two adults. Two toddlers. Four flights of stairs, one closet-sized Brooklyn apartment and a pile of bike gear. There wasn't room for it all, but throwing out items like old bike tubes just seemed wasteful. Armed with some scrapped tubes, scissors and a sewing machine, tüb founder Amy Keele set out to make wallets for Father's Day.

Soon after, back home in Utah, Amy turned that idea into a company dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainable, functional and fashionable everyday products: tüb.

tüb was the perfect fit for Amy, an outdoors enthusiast with a conservationist soul, a bike commuter who bought shoes with recycled tire tread soles for her kids.

Now she is making wallets, bags, phone cases (with more products in the works) all by recycling — upcycling — the unrecyclable. Piles of rubber from bikes, motorcycles and cars are stacked high all over the country without a viable means of reuse, except the occasional shipment around the world where it's burned for fuel – producing nightmarish black plumes.

Beyond its environmental virtues, tüb is equally committed to community, local manufacturing and only the finest craftsmanship. Not exactly the easiest combination to fulfill, but a solution came from the most unlikely of places: the Utah State Prison. The prison has a full-fledged sewing operation as part of its rehabilitation program for prisoners. And they're very good.

tüb also has garnered the support of the local community (including local bike and motorcycle shops) and dedicated customers from across the country.

We know there are many of you who share our belief that small changes can add up to large solutions. Maybe that change is as simple as focusing on what your wallet (or bag) is made of, rather than what's in it.


Our Mission

To inspire consumers to effect environmental and societal change by offering innovative, purposeful and stylish products created with unlikely, upcycled materials.


tüb Cares

tübpeople care. They care about the environment, society, their community and style.

tüb designs innovative upcycled alternatives to everyday products like wallets and bags. tüb offers a forward-thinking approach to environmentalism without sacrificing design or craftsmanship.

Beyond its green roots, tüb is equally committed to coupling local manufacturing with societal improvements by contracting with underserved populations, thereby providing them with a purpose and an opportunity to contribute back to their communities.

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